Thursday, 31 October 2013

Take the Clean Data path to Success

Your email deliverability success depends on your database cleanliness.  It is vital that you have the correct email addresses of the recipients you are trying to reach. If your database is ‘dirty’, it will inevitably mean failure. It is indispensable that you regularly clean and maintain your list to remove invalid addresses and improve your deliverability rates.

Elements of a dirty email list include:
  • Incorrectly formatted email addresses
  • Addresses that have previously “hard bounced”
  • Addresses that have previously unsubscribed but are still active in the list
  • Addresses from expired, invalid domains
You may be surprised to know that 75% of commercial businesses believe that they are losing as much as 73% of revenue due to poor data quality (Experian QAS) and Poor data quality costs US businesses more than $600 billion annually (Data Warehousing Institute).

List management is an ongoing procedure as people do not stay put. They move jobs, change their phone numbers and create new email addresses.  It is highly recommended that you keep your database updated with the latest information. These are few tips that will help you do just that:

Maintain consistent format. You should have consistent terms and formats across a given field. E.g. the date field: Ensure you maintain DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY throughout the database.
Do proper segmentation. Break down strings of data into multiple fields so you can more effectively standardize data elements with greater accuracy.
Verify content. Fields may appear populated but are not accurate (for example, a phone number may contain letters). Your data-cleansing process should identify and correct these anomalies so your data is fit for use.
Eliminate duplicates. Identify matches and eliminate duplicate records. These records cause unnecessary strain on your resources.
Do away with hard bounces. In the case of emails, even a few hard bounces will get your IP address blacklisted. Take extra precaution in this regard.

Email deliverability success relies completely upon clean lists. Prepackaged Marketing Data makes sure the lists are fresh, updated and always accurate. Contact us today.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Shortcut to reach executives in US

As marketers, you are always seeking avenues to get in touch with B2B executives to establish a relationship which can help to do business together. B2B executives use varied platforms to research business purchases. Emerging mediums like mobile, social media are gaining huge popularity. Along with the new methods, traditional mediums still remain relevant.

B2B executives spend most of their time converting business contacts into long-term partners. In order to meet your business needs you will need a list of business executives looking for expansions, mergers, contracts, deals and fruitful professional relationships. To keep your operations running smoothly, you will need a foolproof source of B2B contacts – which implies that you need more records, and consequently more real-time servicing to keep it useful.

Even if you already have a large database of B2B contacts, you will be requiring regular administration and management of it, especially to maximize the percentage of deals from it, and minimize the number of cold or outdated leads.

If your business relationships today include just customers and suppliers, you can add vendors, distributors, decision makers, staffing professionals and other profiles to the list. To make your endeavor successful Prepackaged Marketing Data has compiled United States B2B Executives List to meet your specific needs in the US. It is a compiled database of executives from the B2B Industry across the United States of America. These executive groups are further segmented based on demographics. With most accurate information, target your prospects for Email marketing, Telemarketing and Direct Mail with high response rate in return. It covers industry specific and location specific categories.
It's Advantages:
Shortcut to reach your prospects across the US
Highest business profits with increased enquiry from the industry
Save time by executing multi-tier marketing
Cost-effective investment for increased results and ROI

To learn more about the exclusive United States B2B Executives List contact us today and also download free samples.

Monday, 21 October 2013

5 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing delivers personalized and relevant information to subscribers that respond with increased purchases and recommendations. At its worst, it can turn off or offend once-loyal customers.
The three most important factors for email marketing success: 1) Trust 2) Relevancy and 3) Value
Here are some tips to make your emails more effective: 

Stand Out
}  Avoid the early morning inbox clutter by sending during the day
}  Personalize your messages
}  Take efforts to make your mail stand out amongst the clutter using all means like awesome design, compelling subject line, relevant content,  among others
}  Gain the trust of your contacts by emphasizing quality of communication over quantity.

Keep it Simple and Clear
}  Avoid underlining text if it’s not a link. It’s easy to confuse the reader
}  Avoid ambiguous messages
}  Do not be ‘salesy’; prioritize the subscriber

Permissive Marketing
}  Use an online signup form on your website to collect new opt in contacts
}  Opt for a reliable list-provider

Test, Test, Test
}  The key to finding the right design styles and campaign delivery techniques is to test everything. Test one thing at a time to aid monitoring; some recipients cannot receive HTML.
}  Test all your links in the top, middle and bottom of your message to make sure they all work.
}  Find what day and time your recipients are most responsive
}  What sort of subject line gains the highest response?
}  Always have a proof group. Never send an email without sending a proof first. You’ll be surprised what you can miss. Ask your proof group to check links, spellings and email rendering

Nurture your Customer
}  Use email marketing to communicate with existing customers. They’re a great source of repeat business use a forward to a friend feature to encourage recipients to share with friends and colleagues
}  Offer exclusive content and deals to your subscribers
}  Provide an incentive to share
}  Quality content ensures that your subscribers read your emails and forward them to friends.

Prepackaged Marketing Data specializes in database marketing. Along with making your emails relevant and 
readable it is vital to start off with the right database. Without the relevant database all your marketing efforts will go 
down the drain.To know more about our services, contact us for a consultation.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Increase Sales Leads with State-wise Lists

Along with keeping the database updated it is important that you ensure its relevance i.e. it should meet your requirement. Niche lists to meet your niche audience requirements is pivotal. Prepackaged Marketing Data helps you in customer acquisition and retention through accurate, updated and quality lead generating databases, made keeping in mind your requirements. For this purpose, we have compiled state-specific lists, which simplify your efforts to reach your target market in these states.

Our State Lists offer contact details of various business and consumers of different counties in the states. The state-wise lists cover - C-Level Executives, CVD Executives, Business Executives, Marketing Executives, Sales Executives, Finance Executives, IT Executives and Operations Executives. This multi-channel marketing list will help you engage and impress your prospects through various communication avenues – email, mail, phone and fax.

The state-wise lists basket includes:

Merits of the Lists:
  • Reach prospects across 50states of the United States of America
  • Get instant access to the best of sales leads
  • Gain instant rapport through multi-tiered communication channel
  • Improve conversion and maximize ROI

We offer a unique blend of top quality data solutions combined with latest technology. Click here to learn more.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Is your message relevant and readable?

You need to take some time to think and know the aim of your email campaign clearly before you begin to write. 

  • What topics would interest my audience?
  • What subject line would compel the readers to open and read your mail?
These are some of the pertinent factors to consider while framing your email. Instead of writing salesy subject lines, keep it relevant to the reader. Only include helpful information that serves the interests of your subscribers, not you! Before you begin to write, it helps to create a brief outline of the topics, with some ideas and notes to keep you on track. Include tags to tell you where to place buttons, images, etc, to help rough out your design.
Mark where to place call-to-action buttons such as “Sign up now”, “Download new version” or “New product information”. Use enough to be convenient, without being annoying. Strategically placed “action” buttons can make a big “dollar difference” in your campaign ROI!

Now, readability! Try to achieve a balance of color, images and text so nothing overwhelms the message as a whole. Half text and half images is a good ratio, but always use your best judgement and customize for every audience and type of message.

We know how challenging it can be to come up with fresh topics and ideas for every email. But there are things along the way to give you a solid head start. For example, you can create a list of potential topics that cross your path every day. If there’s any content attached, just cut and paste it and include the source or URL so you can verify the content. It doesn’t have to be original every time, just valuable to the reader.

Prepackaged Marketing Data specializes in database marketing. Along with making your emails relevant and readable it is vital to start off with the right database. Without the relevant database all your marketing efforts will go down the drain.To know more about our services, contact us.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

12 Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

We have put together some email marketing tips together for your ready reference. Hope it helps you with your marketing efforts.

  1. Do you want to help your bounce rate? Locate the emails that generated the high number of bounce-backs and investigate the source of the list.
  2. Comply with the guidelines in the federal CAN-SPAM legislation. Most importantly, make sure that all requests for removal from your mailing lists are honored.
  3. More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other category. (Return Path)
  4. Desktop and smartphone email opens happens most often between 10am and 4pm—during the typical workday. (Harland Clarke)
  5. Recipients often only read the subject line or the first few lines of an email. Include your CTA early on in your email.
  6. Use autoresponders to automate simple, recurring emails. Since welcome and thank-you emails will be sent over and over again as you gain new subscribers and followers, they are perfect for testing the marketing automation waters. (Mastering the Art of Marketing Automation)
  7. Bold, beautiful imagery is slowly taking over our inboxes, as we take cues from Pinterest and social hubs like Facebook and Twitter. Images help tell your brand’s story, so consider taking the time to choose artful shots that complement your message. For B2B emails, think outside the realm of traditional stock photography to make your messages unique.
  8. The smart B2B marketers are personalizing their communication based on a prospect’s interests—using behavioral data and a whole new generation of online personalization technology.
  9. Start building your landing pages, forms, and email templates using industry-accepted best practices. Many automation providers offer implementation services that will walk you through creating these assets, from template design to the content included in each.
  10. Get accurate and detailed data from people who want to hear from you, then automate the numerous steps involved in sending them relevant messages. (eMarketer)
  11. One of the top benefits of e-mail marketing is that it yields reams of data about who a company’s best customers are. Marketers can target those people in the social realm and offer incentives or discounts to encourage them to share with their friends and advocate on behalf of the brand. (eMarketer)
  12. Email sharing is extremely important to any digital marketing campaign. It is important to include social sharing buttons at the top of your email. When the recipient clicks the share button, have the social post populated with interesting copy and a shortened link.
Prepackaged Marketing Data strives to make your email marketing effort a success.

Monday, 7 October 2013

How to Win back the Customers you Lost

You have a 16% chance of selling to someone you never did business with before, a 50% chance of selling an existing client more products or services, and a 25% chance of reclaiming a lost account. The Brooks Group

And to top it, the cost to reengage your former customers is a fraction of what it costs to acquire a new customer. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NEGLECTING THIS SEGMENT OF YOUR CUSTOMER DATABASE. Unfortunately, about 50% of this database that was acquired with significant cost goes inactive. You must realize that this costs you substantially. The cost of acquiring new customers is higher; customer retention programs are definitely much more attractive. It is critical that you develop appropriate strategies to reengage these valuable lost customers.

Here are some strategies to win back your lost customers:
• Make an irresistible offer like a heavy discount or aggressive giveaway to lure people back
• Send out a survey to better understand their needs and preferences
• Deploy a message that gives them the option to opt out so that you’ll really know who is inactive

However, before you start employing these strategies, it is vital that you make sure that your message is sent to active email address accounts. No effort will generate any ROI if you don’t ensure this. More often than not, your inactive list is simply the result of sending your marketing campaigns to your customers’ inactive email addresses. So the critical step of any successful win-back program requires you to find the current preferred email addresses of your customers. Combine your best win-back strategy with a list of updated customer email addresses and reap the benefits.

Prepackaged Marketing Data strives to make your email marketing effort a success. Contact us for a free sample and consultation. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Optimize success with accurate SAP Lists

There has been a call for better overall support from SAP for its products. UK & Ireland SAP User Group's annual survey found that users of SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Objects have expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided by the enterprise software company.

There has been a rapid growth in the number of companies opting to use SAP Business Objects as their analytics platform. It has increased from 7% in 2011 to 30% in 2013. Many want to integrate their core Business Suite software implementation with business Objects, however, lack of support from SAP is an issue. Many users have voiced out their frustration with the overall support provided by SAP for its products.

SAP has responded to this criticism by planning to implement a number of changes. "SAP takes feedback from our customers very seriously," said Pam Ireland, vice president, Analytics Customer Success, SAP.
In the meantime, we will keep our fingers crossed, hoping that all improvements and enhancements are implemented as early as possible.

Do you want to maximize your marketing efforts with high-quality SAP List? Prepackaged Marketing Data provides you the opportunity of getting in touch with hundreds of companies using SAP. We assure you:
  • Safe & secure list for higher response rates
  • 100% CAN-SPAM compliant data for permission-based marketing
  • Up-to-date List to bring in maximum ROI
  • List devoid of any duplicate or inaccurate information

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